3D Gaming And Video Coming To A Dell And HP Laptop Near You?

I was just thinking that my laptop's screen was way too two-dimensional. OK, no I wasn't, but these rumoured 3D laptops from Dell and HP could be pretty freaking cool for 3D games and movies.

The rumour is that Dell and HP have placed orders with Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron for 3D notebooks and they could arrive soon. Acer has been rumoured to release a notebook with a 16-inch 3D display as soon as next month. I have to expect 3D technology would add quite a bit to these types of notebooks especially if they use Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision.

Now I am convinced I would look like a tool wearing 3D glasses in front of my laptop, but I've always wanted to read my email in 3D. [Digitimes]

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