You Must Be Lonely If You Use A Plug Mug

plug-350cMaybe it's just that I've never worked in a large office environment, but I just can't ever imagine becoming so attached to a coffee mug that I'd be prepared to physically remove a plug from the side of it to stop other office workers using it. But if being "that jerk" sounds like fun to you, Latestbuy has the plug mug available now.

Mind you, the mug itself is uglier than Kyle Sandilands' ego, and will shout out that you're the kind of tool everybody should steer clear of.

Then there's the question of what happens if you pull the plug to stop other people using it, then you lose the plug yourself. All of a sudden your $20, ugly-as-sin coffee mug becomes a $20, ugly-as-sin paperweight. And still nobody will like you. Hope you enjoy being lonely...


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