Yoostar Green Screens You Into Classic Movie And TV Scenes

Now you can desecrate your favourite movies and TV shows by using Yoostar's bundled Webcam, green screen and software to insert yourself into famous scenes. The results are easily uploaded to YouTube, and you can buy more scenes online.

We first saw the system used at CES in January, but it's now available in Bloomingdale stores for $US170. That price includes an assortment of 14 scenes (with multiple roles); extra scenes cost between $US0.99 and $US4 at Yoostar.com. What's sort of interesting is that you can perform the script with the characters, or just outright replace them.

I had a quick look: no Star Wars! But there are scenes in a number of genres, as diverse as Rocky, Animal House and even the NBA.

Of course, you can easily do this yourself with a bit of know-how, but it looks like a fun one for the kids. [Yoostar via Uncrate]

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