WTF!? PSPGo To Be Priced At $449 In Australia

Oh Sony, why do you hate yourself so much? Only you hold the key to get yourself out of this funk you've recently found yourself in. The PS3 Slim was a huge step in the right direction. The PSPGo on the other hand, is going to send you right back to the depths of despair you've been wallowing in, at least until you reach the same conclusion as everyone else that a $449 RRP is totally absurd.

David at Kotaku yesterday got confirmation from Sony that they were planning on selling the PSPGo from October 1 for a RRP of $449. That's just $50 less than the new PS3 Slim. The PSP-3000 will remain on sale for $299. Even with the loss of UMD and the inclusion of inbuilt flash memory, there's no way the new hardware is worth a $150 premium.

Sony, I really want to help you here. I love my old PSP. But if you really want to take on Nintendo and get yourself out of this horrid spiral of self loathing, you'll need to help yourself first...


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