World's Tallest Wooden Building Planned, Looks Like Jenga Tower

If it weren't for, you know, concrete and steel—more of us would be living in buildings like this planned Norwegian tower. At 16 to 17 storeys high, it'll also outdo this crazy Russian do-it-yourselfer who built a 13-storey wooden castle:

(That's Nikolai Sutyagin from Arkhangelsk in Russia's north-east).

But I digress. The Norwegian Barents Secretariat office and cultural tower will be built with natural and recycled materials from the surrounding area. The designers, Oslo-based Reiulf Ramstad Architects, are focusing on sustainable building and carbon neutrality.

They also hope to reuse biodegradable household and industrial waste to produce biogas. Mmm. Like fresh pine cones!

[Barents Observer via Inhabitat]

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