Why Video Games Might Be The Best Way To Learn How To Cook

My father would die of starvation if it wasn't for my mother. I mean, even if you're too lazy to cook, you should still know how—it's about self-reliance. Fortunately, video games make it easy to learn.

Traditionally, learning how to cook is messy, expensive and time consuming. Therefore, video games like Cooking Mama, Personal Trainer: Cooking, Hell's Kitchen and Iron Chef are a great way to ease into the wide and wonderful world of home cooked meals. Plus, young, celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver are starting to realise that gaming is a great way to connect with an audience.

There's no mess, it's not nearly as expensive as going to the grocery store or to a restaurant and it can actually be fun. You can't eat Pizza Rolls and microwaveable bacon every day my friends (or can you?)—it's just not healthy.

Taste Test is our week-long tribute to the leaps that occur when technology meets cuisine, spanning everything from the historic breakthroughs that made food tastier and safer to the Earl Grey-friendly replicators we impatiently await in the future.

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