Very Stupid UFO Spotted At New York’s JFK Airport

Very Stupid UFO Spotted At New York’s JFK Airport

As you can hear in this audio record, a Delta pilot spotted a UFO at New York’s JFK airport this Sunday. Allegedly, the object was a “paraglider” who landed illegally, and then took off on a potential collision course.

DAL164: Hey, do you see something over the… looks like a guy on a paraglider…almost over the approach, er, the threshold of two-two right?

Looks like he hit the ground, dropped something off.

Now he’s airborne again. I guess is it ah, looks like some guy on a parachute.

The question is: What the hell was he or she dropping? Why has nobody has found the dropped object yet—if there was actually anything? Air, land and sea police searches didn’t find any traces of this very stupid and insane person. Or whatever it was, because for now it’s just “unidentified”.

Thankfully, nothing happened as it climbed higher than 300 metres across JFK’s busy air traffic. [Flightglobal]