Rumour: Dell Android-Based Phone Launching In China “Within Days”

TechCrunch is reporting “thin” rumours tonight from China that would suggest Dell—long rumoured to be weighing a mobile phone play in that market—is all but prepared to announce a mobile phone in that country sometime this week.

The phone is rumoured to run Android, but whether it actually launches this week or is merely announced is still unknown.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington admits the evidence is “extremely thin” in post this morning, but also goes far to support his source, saying that they and other sources used to break news in the region in the past are “spot on” with their information. The source also reports the phone could be “iPhone like” with a touchscreen and no physical keyboard.

No price, hardware shots or any other information is available at time time, so you might watch to catch a wink and wait for the inevitable morning fireworks. [TechCrunch]