Unboxing The Razer Megalodon Headphones – What Is That Smell?

megalodon1Normally I'm not too big on posting unboxing photos, especially for things like headphones. But when I opened the box for the Razer Megalodon gaming headphones, the smell that accompanied the packaging was so strong and nostalgic that I had to share.

Of course, sharing smell online is a rather difficult proposition, so here are some of the comments from around the Giz AU office:

"It smellslike new bike wheels" "It's like the inside of a new car" "It smells like the inside of a new pair of sneakers" "It's like a weird sort of new car and hairspray combination" "Oh, I know! It's Armorall"

megalodon2 Me? I think it's got a musty leather/vinyl odour, that's kind of sickly sweet, but not too overpowering. It smells of luxury and nostalgia all at once, which is good considering each pair costs 400 bucks. I've got no idea how they perform yet, but I'll definitely keep you posted...

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