Touchy Feely Robot Promises To Be Gentle (and Check For Cancer)

Researchers have developed a prototype robot that, through keyhole surgery, can detect cancer tumours in half the time, with less tissue damage, and with 40 per cent more accuracy than clumsy humans.

Doctors traditionally use MRI and CT scans, and because tumours tend to be stiffer than surrounding tissue, also need to pretty much poke around.

That's where the robots—developed by the University of Western Ontario and Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics (CSTAR)—come in. In tests using cow livers to represent human tissue, the robots' tactile sensors reduced applied force by 35 per cent, and systematic tissue mapping made them more accurate.

Sounds intriguing, but let's hope they don't start licensing TSA bots with rubber gloves. This won't hurt a bit… [TG Daily and TechRadar]

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