Toshiba Portable DVD Player Reminds Us That Some People Don't Rip DVDs

sdp92sky_largeIt seems somewhat strange and unnatural to me that people would buy a portable DVD player in an age where almost everyone owns a laptop, an iPod Touch or a PSP. But then again, I also think it's strange that people choose dumbphones over smartphones, so who am I to judge? In any case, Toshiba's catering to the non-DVD ripping or bittorrenting crowd with their latest portable DVD player.

With one of the catchiest names we've ever seen before - SD-P92SKY - the portable DVD thingy has a swivelly 9-inch LCD screen with a 640x234 resolution, an SD card slot that will play back DiVX files (so will the DVD drive) and MP3s, and a 3 hour battery life. There are two headphone jacks, and the whole thing weighs 1.2kg.

Not my cup of tea - especially for the $399 RRP - when my iPhone does just as good a job, albeit with a smaller screen. But if it's your cup of tea, the SD-P92SKY is available now, and I promise I won't judge you.


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