TomTom Lets You Add NRL And AFL Content To Your Satnav

tomtom-footyLet's face it – satnavs aren't exactly breaking the mould these days. More points of interest, faster GPS chips, GPRS connectivity, traffic... every manufacturer is pretty much doing the same thing and trying to tell you they're unique. TomTom has decided to actually do something a bit different and added the ability to load NRL or AFL related content to your satnav device.

Sure, it's not practical in any conceivable definition of the word. But if you're a footy nut, you can add a screen of your favourite team to the device when you start up or shut down, as well as use team mascots as your driving icon, and have all the NRL and AFL stadiums added as POIs on your device. Plus, you can set your satnav to blow an ref's whistle when you approach a speed or red light camera, and have a crowd cheer effect when you reach your destination.

As I said: not practical in any way. But kind of cool for the footy fan, especially considering it's free.


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