The Week In iPhone Apps: FCC Inquiry Edition

Let's take our minds off all this nasty Google Voice business for a minute, and focus on the apps that we do have. Google may not make an appearance this week, but how about Wikipedia? NPR? Simplify?

NPR News: The unaffiliated Public Radio Player was great great great, but this is somehow better. It brings twice as many stations, adds written news content along with offline reading, on-demand NPR shows and a surprisingly navigable interface. Guiltily free, since you don't even have to sit through pledge drives.

Wikipedia: I just assumed this app already existed, but in reality, it didn't come out until this week. Weird! It's sort of a website-wrapped-in-an-app snooze for now, though it's open source and Wikipedia would very much like you to help make it into something decent, that people might actually want. Free.

Fluent News (Update): A personal favourite news aggregator of mine, Fluent now supports Google News-style searches across sources and emailing from within the app. The search feature is more useful than it might sound, especially if you want to dig right into a news story right after hearing about it. Free.

WHOA? You know Telephone, the group game where you pass a complicated, whispered message around a circle of people until it turns into something about penises, usually? This is that, with writing and drawing, on the iPhone. Here's what you do: You write a word, the next person draws it, the next person writes what he thinks the drawing is, and so on. $1.19.

Simplify Photo: Simplify's other app lets you listen to your home music library from anywhere with a sort of zero-setup server app, and it's absolutely indispensable. This one does the same thing for photos, letting you access your entire home photo library wherever you are, without taking up much space on your iPhone's dinky drive. The experience is surprisingly seamless considering how much it depends on the iPhone's data connection, and the app is just $3.99.

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This list is in no way definitive. If you've spotted a great app that hit the store this week, give us a heads up or, better yet, your firsthand impressions in the comments. For even more apps, see our previous weekly roundups here. Have a swell weekend everybody.

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