The Week In iPhone Apps: Deliciousness

The Week In iPhone Apps: Deliciousness

Learning recipes, hunting down local food, feigning culinary expertise and everything else food: Welcome to this week’s iPhone apptacular, Taste Test edition.

People who don’t really care about The Victuals, what’s wrong with you? don’t worry!: I’ve still trawled the App Store for non-food downloads this week, and there are plenty—just scroll waaay down. Everyone else? Commence feast…NOW.

Eating Out



Global Eater Food Dictionaryexactly

Wine Enthusiasts Guide

Eating In

Eating In





Because some other stuff happened this week, too:


AU: The application description says that this is a special introductory price—after September 9, you’ll have to fork out more. -EH


US Open App


This Week’s App News on Giz:

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This list is in no way definitive. If you’ve spotted a great app that hit the store this week, give us a heads up or, better yet, your firsthand impressions in the comments. And for even more apps: see our previous weekly roundups here. Have a swell weekend everybody.