Sweet Merciful Crap, Snuggies for Dogs?!

Sweet Merciful Crap, Snuggies <i>for Dogs</i>?!

The Snuggie craze was bad enough when it hit a couple of months ago. But this? This takes it too far. Snuggies for Dogs? Throw it back!

What’s really amazing about these is that they actually improve on regular Snuggies. Snuggies for Dogs have velcro on the back to keep the damned thing on. Why don’t they have that on the human models?

As a bonus with your order you’ll get talking dog tags instead of a reading light. This is purportedly to record something like “My name is Spike, here is my address,” but I think it’d be better to have it say “Please give me a steak, you asshole.” Because really, that’s what your dog would want it to say. [Snuggie for Dogs via Consumerist]