Student Forced To Pay $US675,000 To RIAA For Sharing 30 Songs

Joel Tenenbaum admitted to sharing 30 songs with Kazaa back in 2004 (Kazaa! So quaint!) and was originally fined $US150,000 per song. He worked that down to "only" $US22,500 per song, but that's still $US675,000 in total.

This is the second big victory for the RIAA this month, after the even-more-ridiculous decision that filesharer Jammie Thomas should pay $US80,000 per song. But unlike Thomas, Tenenbaum hasn't come out and said he will outright refuse to pay the fine, and it looks like this is a more concrete win for the RIAA dirtbags.

The RIAA specified to TorrentFreak that the money won will go to more lawsuits, not to the artists the RIAA supposedly represents. It looks like yet another episode in this long public relations attack in which the organisation mercilessly kills any sympathy for their cause that might have existed. [TorrentFreak]


    I don't understand - so they're essentially bitching because people are stealing from artists... But the money they won isn't going to the artists?


    this is simply disgusting.

    It looks like the RIAA are the criminals here... All they are doing is stealing the money from these people. They aren't recovering damages. If they were recovering damages, they would give this money to the artists themselves.

    By the end of this:
    - Artist's have been robbed either way
    - Kid goes on a life-long repayment plan
    - RIAA keeps cash

    How is this legit? the money has just swapped hands... that's all.

    Besides, isn't it in the american constitution somewhere that someone cannot recover funds as a deterrent to others, and that they can only recover these damages as a deterrent to the defendant and should only reflect the ACTUAl damages suffered?

    If they really want to set up a big campaign to fight piracy, they should use their own funds, because in effect, they are using the artist's rightful funds to fund their own campaigns.
    It's even against there own ideals! it doesn't need to be in the constitution!

    That is just about the worst, most horrific thing I have heard all day.

    The 30 songs are already available on torrent. Just search for "Joel Tenenbaum torrent", download them, seed them and make this an online protest against the verdict and against harassing ordinary filesharing people...

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