Sony’s PlayStation 3 Slim Is $US300 In September

As if K-Mart’s front-page ad wasn’t enough to confirm, Sony’s officially announced their PlayStation 3 Slim that retails for $US100 less for the PlayStation 3 fat. Live updates coming.

The slim will come with a 120GB drive, and will be 33 per cent smaller and 36 per cent lighter than the standard PlayStation 3, as well as using 34 per cent less power. The $US300 price will apply to all PlayStation 3s starting tomorrow. The Slim will be available everywhere by the first week of September.

Here are some more details. The 80GB PS3 (current model) will be discounted to $US300, whereas the 160GB PS3 will be $US400. There will be a new PS3 logo as well as modifications to the official name from PLAYSTATION 3 to PlayStation 3 as to not be shouting all the time.

It’ll also have a BRAVIA Sync feature that’ll allow you to control the PS3’s XMB with your Sony TV remote as long as they’re connected via HDMI. And the TV will automatically turn off the PS3 when the TV goes off.

There’s also a vertical stand retailing for $US24 on September 3. Whether or not you can stand it up vertically for long periods of time without the stand is unknown. Sony also says that they’re eliminating the feature of installing other operating systems on the Slim, so no more Linux.

Oh, and there will only be two USB ports.
[Kotaku’s Sony Liveblog]