Sony's New S-Series Walkman Specs, Pricing Leaked

Built-in speakers were obvious when we first glimpsed Sony's updated S-Series, but thanks to French retailer Materiel, it looks like the 2.4-inch (QVGA) screen players will come sized 8GB or 16GB, and playback 42 hours of audio or 6.4 hours video.

According to the listing, they'll have a kickstand (pictured), built-in microphone, FM tuner (with 30 presets), and the speakers will be stereo. Format support includes MP3/WMA/AAC audio and H264/MP4/WMV 30fps video.

A very rough indication of what we might expect when the players make their way to our shores, the 8GB NWZ-S544 is listed at €129 (about $A220), and the 16GB NWZ-S545 for €149 (about $A250). [Material via Sony Insider]

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