Sony: 'You Are Definitely Going To See A Premium Price On The PSP Go!' In Australia

The PSP Go! should be hitting shelves in a couple of months, yet Sony is yet to announce a local price. What gives, Sony? Fortunately, David over at Kotaku has SCEA head honcho Michael Ephraim's number on speed dial (maybe), so he hit him with the hard questions. The answers may not be exactly what you want to hear...

When asked about the launch plans for the PSP Go!, Ephraim responded:

“Because of the fluctuation in the exchange rate, we’ve decided to hold off on our announcement until closer to launch date. We will probably make that announcement [soon]so we can start working with retailers and preorders and those things. You are definitely going to see a premium price on the PSP Go! as it was announced in Europe and the US.”

But exactly how much of a premium is still unknown. David floated a $400 price point, and Ephraim hit back with the "we want to bring it in as cheap as we can, that’s always our objective" response.

In any case, expect to be paying more than $300, which is the current price for the PSP-3000. Ouch.


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