Six Gadgets That Hand Jaws His Ass

After Discovery's Shark Week, paranoia is at an all-time high. Don't let the fear of a shark attack prevent you from enjoying the beach when summer arrives. These products can help give you a false sense of security peace of mind.

The WASP knife is more compact and versatile than a spear gun or rifle, but it just might be even more deadly. Should you find yourself in the company of an aggressive shark, a stab from this knife will inject compressed gas into the victim which will expand, freeze and explode internal organs. [Link]

For years, surfers have sworn by the Shark Shield as an effective method of deterring sharks. The unit attaches to a surfboard and supposedly emits low grade electrical signals that screw with a shark's muscles. However, in at least one case, the effectiveness of the device has come into serious question. [Shark Shield]

One of the latest methods of repelling sharks comes in the form of these alloy ingots. Specifically designed to protect sharks from being killed by fishing gear, this alloy emits a mild electric current when exposed to salt water. After a few days, the metal will transform into a harmless white precipate that will fall to the ocean floor. Nothing is 100 per cent effective, but fishermen claim that it has reduced the catch of slow-moving sharks by as much as 64%. [Repel Sharks]

If you are a fisherman in search for a decent fly wheel, keep in mind that one of Abel's reels managed to haul in a 150-pound great white off the coast of California. [Link]

Remember that old Batman movie where Adam West blew up a shark with some Bat Spray? As completely ridiculous as that was, a similar product actually exists in the form of this RS-A-1 canister. When dropped, the can will sink and then slowly rise as it emits a cloud of chemical repellent. Designed to affect a shark's sense of smell, the manufacturer claims it will buy you around 15 minutes of protection. [Repel Sharks]

What's up spaceman? Neptunic suits look like something a 1960's test pilot would wear, but they are actually designed for underwater use. Made from a liquid crystal polymer fibre, the suits are extremely bite resistant. [Netptunic]

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