Six Gadgets That Hand Jaws His Ass

Six Gadgets That Hand Jaws His Ass

After Discovery’s Shark Week, paranoia is at an all-time high. Don’t let the fear of a shark attack prevent you from enjoying the beach when summer arrives. These products can help give you a false sense of security peace of mind.

The WASP knife is more compact and versatile than a spear gun or rifle, but it just might be even more deadly. Should you find yourself in the company of an aggressive shark, a stab from this knife will inject compressed gas into the victim which will expand, freeze and explode internal organs. [Link] [imgclear]

in at least one case, the effectiveness of the device has come into serious questionShark Shield

One of the latest methods of repelling sharks comes in the form of these alloy ingots. Specifically designed to protect sharks from being killed by fishing gear, this alloy emits a mild electric current when exposed to salt water. After a few days, the metal will transform into a harmless white precipate that will fall to the ocean floor. Nothing is 100 per cent effective, but fishermen claim that it has reduced the catch of slow-moving sharks by as much as 64%. [Repel Sharks] [imgclear]

Abel’s reels

Adam West blew up a shark with some Bat SprayRepel Sharks