Sennheiser Launching New Bluetooth Headphones At IFA 2009

Sennheiser Launching New Bluetooth Headphones At IFA 2009
pxc-310-btI must have these. Sennheiser has announced that they’re going to announce a whole new range of Bluetooth-enabled headphones at IFA this year. You may not think that sounds very exciting, but when you discover that some of the new models will feature active noise cancellation as well, it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

Seriously – this is the holy grail for me. A wireless pair of headphones that can pair with my iPhone, let me make and receive calls without having to take my phone out of my pocket and blocks out the sound of all the annoying schoolkids on the train. This is what headphone technology has been working towards since the dawn of personal audio years ago.

There aren’t a lot of details to go off, but it looks like there are five new Bluetooth models coming: the PX 210 BT, MM 400 and MM 100, plus the PXC 310 BT and MM 450 TRAVEL which feature noise cancellation.

Naturally, the biggest concern is battery life – what with the Bluetooth, the speakers and the noise cancellation all staking out their claim for the battery life, you’ve gotta expect it to take a hit. But I still can’t wait to get my hands on them, hopefully later this year.