Scummy WipEout HD Patch Delivers Ads That Slow Down Gameplay

Scummy <i>WipEout HD</i> Patch Delivers Ads That Slow Down Gameplay

In-game ads in a game you paid for that you play on a console that you also paid for are sleazy. But when those same ads actually slow down the game you’re trying to play? That is absolutely inexcusable.

The latest WipEout HD patch, when downloaded on the PS3, adds in ad content courtesy of Double Fusion. Before the patch, the load time before a race was about eight seconds. Now, while an ad plays, that load time increases to a whopping 19 seconds.

This is the sort of bullshit that users need to make a big stink about if they don’t want it becoming the norm. So what can you do? Well, start by making plans to not buy WipEout HD until this is fixed. If you already own it, start yelling at them until they listen. Seriously, you already paid for your game. Don’t take this crap. [Joystiq]