Sanyo Xacti DXM-CG11 Pocket Camcorder May Have Built-in Eye-Fi

Though the latest Xacti is a budget model, it still has a 10MP CMOS sensor that records 720p video (H.264 encoded MPEG-4), a mini-HDMI connection, 5x optical zoom and SDHC support. It also looks to have built-in Eye-Fi capabilities.

I say "looks", because it's hard to 100 per cent confirm from the Google-translated Japanese. The spec listing certainly says "Eye-Fi forwarding, power management, access point management", but the fine print reads "Eye-Fi card will be sold separately." Confusing. Being able to wirelessly send videos and photos to your computer without the need for an Eye-Fi (Wi-Fi enabled) SD card would be fantastic, so this is definitely a model we'll be watching. And Sanyo's Xacti line up is so big that many models make their way States-side.

The CG11's other key features include anti-shake shooting, a built-in stereo microphone, mono speaker and built-in 40MB memory. It can also shoot stills up to a resolution of 4000 by 3000, and its battery should provide about 40 minutes of video shooting. It hits stores in Japan for about $US316 in September. [Sanyo Japan via Impress (both translated)]

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