Samsung's ST500, ST550 Touchscreen Shooters See Double

Hey, it may not be a projector, but the 1.5-inch secondary LCD on these 12.2-megapixel point-and-shoots is pretty unique. Tap it and frame self-portraits, or play animations to capture kid's attention (and terrorise those with a fear of clowns).

The cameras have a 4.6x optical zoom, 720p quality video recording, SDHC support, and have "Smart Gestures"—perform key tasks by drawing on their touchscreens with your finger. The ST550 has a 3.5-inch (1,152k resolution) main screen; the ST500's display is 3-inch (230k).

Pricing hasn't been released, but the cameras are initially expected to launch in Singapore later this month. Apparently a Samsung presser in NY tomorrow should reveal more details on U.S. availability. [CNet Asia]Looks like it broke an embargo, its write up is temporarily pulled.

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