Rumour: Nikon VP650 Camera/Projector Combo Rig To Be Revealed

CrunchGear was reporting that a big “groundbreaking” Nikon event was coming our way this week, and now we might know what, exactly, all the fuss is about: A camera/projector hybrid.

The big rumour/tip comes from French photo magazine Chausseur D’Image, which has some established rumour cred thanks to a D300 specs scoop that they ran in the July issue (before anyone else, notes Crunch). Their next issue features something called the VP650, and this i what the source is saying Nikon will break ground with this week.

The combo unit would officially drop in August, to be shipped to consumers in September. The camera would sport an LED projector, would have a compact size/form factor, and is capable of producing 8x12in. pictures ub a dark environment. So, a camera with a projector built in. Maybe not groundbreaking, but interesting to say the least. [Nikon Rumors via CrunchGear]