Rumour: Full Flash, Silverlight Coming To BlackBerry Browser

It's pretty much a given that every major smartphone OS has Flash support in its sights, but BlackBerry and Adobe have been alarmingly mum on the subject. Today, Boy Genius, a certifiable BlackBerry nut, has news: It's coming.

Unfortunately, he can't get us a usefully specific release window beyond "by next summer" by which time Android, Windows Mobile and heck, maybe even the iPhone, will have been ridin' high on a wave of banner ads of choppy YouTube videos for months. But still, full Flash on BlackBerry!

Silverlight support is said to be in the cards too, though I'm pretty sure every suit with a BlackBerry would be a little happier if RIM just dropped that little project until Flash is done. Also, let's put this into a little perpsective: BGR is just claiming that BlackBerry will have Flash within the next year. Skyfire can already play back almost all Flash content on BlackBerry handsets, so it'd be kind of pathetic if RIM couldn't pull that off. [BGR]

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