Ruggedise Your Own Laptop With Tennis Balls, Foam And Tape

Remember back in school when you built some contraption to drop an egg without spilling yoke everywhere? Well Pop Mech essentially did the same thing, but they used a laptop.

After wrapping a Dell Inspiron 1545 in an exoskeleton of foam-core boards, pipe insulation and tennis balls (hence the protruding, rounded edges), the laptop could be dropped from a distance of 2.4 metres and live to tell the tale. (There's a non-embeddable clip of the testing over at their site.) Just how many times the computer could survive such a drop is unknown. Then again, if you're repeatedly dropping your precious machine from the peak of your reach, you may be a big enough douchebag to deserve any karma that foam alone cannot assuage.

Also of note, a FoodSaver vacuum sealer in "pulse" mode is absolutely perfect for waterproofing a mobile phone in a snug-fitting plastic skin — you'll just need to rip your phone from the bag when you want to recharge it. [Pop Mech]

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