RRoD Xbox 360: The Gift Of A Thousand Uses

rrod-xbox-dog-poleRather than trying to get his RRoD'd Xbox 360 fixed, eBay user bellscape_computers has decided to sell it. But not as a broken games console - this thing is the consumate multi-function gadget!

Among the list of potential uses for the broken 360, we've got:

- Door Stop - Novelty Key Chain - Book Stand - Chopping Board - Car/Bike Stand - Paper Weight - Game Console Stand (Use the 360MFC to keep your gaming consoles off the floor) - Dog Tie -Out - Childrens High Chair - Ironing Board - Bike Ramp

Even better are the included photos, like the 'dog tie-out' pictured above, or the bike ramp below. rrod-bike-ramp

The Adelaide based Xbox has a starting bid of $15 plus $10 shipping, and the auction ends on August 22. But if you're interested, you should get in quick... As the eBay ad says - there's only one available.

[ebayThanks Mcgoo!]

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