Rhapsody Music Streaming Headed To iPhone And iPod Touch

Rhapsody Music Streaming Headed To iPhone And iPod Touch

Good news Rhapsody fans: An app has finally been submitted to Apple. If approved, it will give iPhone/iPod Touch owners with a $US15-a-month Rhapsody To Go account unlimited-streaming over Wi-Fi, 3G and Edge. Here’s what it looks like in action.

The screenshot is courtesy of a Gdgt hands-on, which explains that “unlike Spotify’s yet-to-be-released iPhone app, Rhapsody’s app lacks offline capability”. No local storage until version 2.0, apparently. Bummer.

Also worth noting: The free app won’t support Rhapsody Unlimited subscribers ($US12 a month).

Even if the app is approved (that is, Apple doesn’t baulk at competition to iTunes on its own device), you kinda get the feeling it’ll be a tough sell beyond existing subscribers until they get the local storage sorted. In the meantime, the company plans a limited time free-trial, and an Android version. From its blog:

“We are working diligently on an Android app and once we’re done there, we plan to turn our sights on more mobile platform and carrier app stores”

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Rhapsody on iPhone from Jamie on Vimeo.