Retro Raygun Rocket To Take "Flight" At Burning Man

Burning Man, that wacky event taking place in the Nevada desert each year, will soon be visited by a high-flying structure that has little to do with narcotics and everything to do with the 1940's naive view of space travel.

Called the Raygun Rocket, the art piece is an interactive, 40-foot tall four-story rocket right out of the Marvin Martian/Bugs Bunny/Buck Rogers era. The whole thing, including LED "launch pad," is powered by solar panels.

A "future that never was" say the designers, and who are we to argue. It's just too bad they couldn't figure out a way to make it launch. I'm sure at Burning Man there would have been more than a few people willing to give that ride a try.

A shot of the rocket in fabrication. The designers say it's easily transportable via flat bed truck and low-earth orbit. OK, just the truck. [Raygun Gothic Rocket via CNET]

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