Remainders—Things We Didn’t Post

Remainders—Things We Didn’t Post

Google Gets Caffeinated…An Enormous Collection of Apple-Branded Crap…SpongeBob, Answer to Dell’s Increasingly Delirious Dreams…Liquid Condoms: 5X Safer, 10X Messier…

As fun as Bing might be, Google still calls the shots around here. So the fact that Goog is “rewriting the foundation of some of [its]infrastructure” is interesting, though not exactly postable. Dubbed Caffeine (because they ran out of cool codenames?), the previously secret initiative will improve speed and comprehensiveness, whatever that means. You can see it here, though “even power users won’t notice much of a difference,” says Google search engineer Matt Cutts, at least not at first. [Matt Cutts via VentureBeat] [imgclear]

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