Remainders—Things We Didn’t Post

Remainders—Things We Didn’t Post

App store approval times, fake photos, strange reasons for a special edition of a phone and a Zune HD video await you today in…The Remainders!

App Store approvers spend an average of six minutes per app. That sounds about right. If they have to approve 8,500 apps with 40 people, they can’t spend too much time on each. I don’t quite get the outrage in this. It’s an average of six minutes per app. If you write an app that churns out jokes or acts like a glowstick, the reviewer needs way less than six minutes. If you need something that takes more time to examine, (logically) they’ll spend it.[imgclear]

LG releases Islamic phones for Ramadan
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Faked photographs before Photoshop. The NYT visits fake (or reportedly fake) photographs created before the computer age. Very few of these are gadgety enough for us, but it is definitely interesting how people composed fakes before clone tools. [NYT] [imgclear]

A Zune phone spoof. There aren’t a lot of new jokes in here, but if you’re one of those crazy people who still unconditionally hates the Zune because of some internal problems you have, here’s a video you may enjoy.