Remainders—Things We Didn’t Post

Remainders—Things We Didn’t Post

Snow Leopard Shipping (or Not Shipping) August 28th…Nokia 5800 Navigation (aka Free Maps and Car Kit) Edition…Will Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi Be Cheap Like Its Tickets?…Blu-ray Quality 1080p on an iPhone 3GS…

We’ve seen Snow Leopard making random appearances on Apple retail pages for days now, but this one was special: A UK retail page identified Snow Leopard’s ship date as August 28th. I use the past tense because when I checked it, the ship date had been revised to a more vague, and more disappointing, “September.” What’s to glean from all of this? That within five weeks, your Snow Leopard will be purring. But it might not be within one week. [Engadget]

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