Remainders—Things We Didn't Post

Adam Savage's New Gig...Sony Ericsson Satio Hits FCC (Minus Super Hot Model)...The Ballsiest Go-Kart Ever...

Our friend Adam Savage at MythBusters literally bought into a recent internet meme when he scored himself a 1981 IBM gigabyte hard drive. Get this, it weighs 34kg and originally cost as much as Magnum's Ferrari. So, Adam, how much did you pay for it? And, more importantly, what in God's name do you plan to do with it? [Twitter, Twitpic]

The Sony Ericsson Satio may well turn out to be a nice phone, but the FCC picture of it is the equivalent of those caught-off-guard celebrity hangover shots on the covers of trash mags. It's certainly a stark contrast to the blatant appeal to sexy time that was Satio's initial introduction to the US. Remember her? [Engadget Mobile]

I don't know what's crazier, this prototype go-kart with a Honda CBR900rr (893cc) engine from J&D Fabrications, or the guy driving it with no helmet. Let's just hope he's taking good care of his organs. [YouTube]

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