Remainders — Things We Didn’t Post

Remainders — Things We Didn’t Post

Hey Keith Richards, What’s Dangling From Your Ear?…Yahoo Tells Firefox Users to Pick “Safer” IE8…Kodak Admits It Has a Product Naming Problem…An Apple TV People Might Actually Want…Nokia, Cellular Equipment Maker to the Evil Doers…

English musician, Keith Richards, was spotted wearing some post-industrial ornamentation in and around the region where a douchier man might stick a Bluetooth earpiece. There’s just no way that’s what this is. If you look closely, you can see right through it. But it got me to thinking: Not only would Keef not have a Bluetooth earpiece, he probably doesn’t even have a phone. When you’re that awesome, people just take calls for you. [ via CrunchGear] [imgclear]


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