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Dexter's Bloody Remain(der)s...Now You See Snow Leopard, Now You Don't...Downloading Music Is Greener Than Buying CDs, In Case You Ever Wondered...Can Twitter Trademark the "Tweet"?

Blam's #1 favourite TV serial killer has his own branded coasters, with a gimmick: They're smeared with blood. Cuz he's a serial killer. You get it? Like, he killed someone, accidentally spattered blood on all your clear plastic coasters, scrawled his name with the same blood, and you never washed them. Could they have done something more clever? How about Dexter's salad tongs, made to look like human arm and hand bones? Or a Dexter camping tent, with stitched-together fake human skin covering the whole thing? OK, maybe they went tame because they actually wanted to sell a few. [Slashfilm]

For a split second, Snow Leopard appeared for sale today at the Apple Store, as part of the Mac Box Set that Intel-chip Tiger and Panther users are forced to buy. The set disappeared again, quickly, but it's nothing major, since you can pre-order it on Amazon and other sites. [From Twitter and tip - Thanks Rafa!]

Buying CDs in stores isn't just outmoded and overpriced—it's actually bad for the environment! Or so says a report by very serious scientists at Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley Lab and Stanford, who put their talented heads together to prove that downloading music released far less carbon than CDs, when measured from CD production to purchase at retail. The funny thing was, driving your car to the store was by far the biggest CO2 emission per unit. But wait...who cares? Microsoft and Intel apparently do, but as fun as these factoids are, we sure don't. [Intel]

Twitter recently applied to trademark the verb "tweet", apparently because our language is so frail—or our legal system is so hyperactive—that companies are encouraged to co-opt words from the popular vernacular and impose limitations on them. Well, not this time, oh greedy corp: Non-lawyer but pretty smart guy Sam Johnston makes a reasoned argument—supported by his even smarter commenters—why this probably ain't gonna fly. So tweet on, little songbirds, tweet on. At least till the gavel falls. [Sam Johnston - White-Throated Bulbul shot from Wikimedia Commons]

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