Remainders – Things We Didn’t Post

Remainders – Things We Didn’t Post

Dexter’s Bloody Remain(der)s…Now You See Snow Leopard, Now You Don’t…Downloading Music Is Greener Than Buying CDs, In Case You Ever Wondered…Can Twitter Trademark the “Tweet”?

Blam’s #1 favourite TV serial killer has his own branded coasters, with a gimmick: They’re smeared with blood. Cuz he’s a serial killer. You get it? Like, he killed someone, accidentally spattered blood on all your clear plastic coasters, scrawled his name with the same blood, and you never washed them. Could they have done something more clever? How about Dexter’s salad tongs, made to look like human arm and hand bones? Or a Dexter camping tent, with stitched-together fake human skin covering the whole thing? OK, maybe
they went tame because they actually wanted to
sell a few. [Slashfilm] [imgclear]

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Sam JohnstonWhite-Throated Bulbul shot from Wikimedia Commons