Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

Sarah Palin's autographed gadgetry...A DJ Mixer for dual iPhones...New York City coffeeshops crack down on WiFi leechers (like me, whoops)...Fully robotic kitchen is so pretty you'll barely care when it kills you...

Sometimes we find stories that are just barely not interesting enough to become a full post, so they end up here in remainders. But sometimes we find stories that have a bizarre enough angle that we don't feel right about ignoring them—like this one here, an Xbox 360 autographed by, of all people, Sarah Palin. Why did the former Alaskan governor and Vice-Presidential candidate autograph an Xbox 360 instead of, say, a piece of paper or a photo? We'll likely never know. Is it worth the $US1 million asking price? That's really up to you guys to decide. Us, we're waiting on a Barry Goldwater-autographed Colecovision. [Purported Palin-Autographed 360 Listed For A Cool Million via eBay]

This fully-automated kitchen is actually really cool—you control it with a universal remote and the opening/closing motions are very slick and well-designed (check out the video here). On the other hand, there are definitely some downsides. It costs $US2,000 per lineal feet, so you could easily be looking at a multi-hundred-thousand-dollar investment here. The other downside, of course, is that the Anvil system is almost guaranteed to revolt and lock you in a cabinet once you've hit open and close thirty times because it's just so pretty. [Crunchgear]

One of my favourite perks of this job is being able to work from anywhere. I like going to a local cafe and draining their poor internet connection for eight hours straight (thanks, The Coffee Den in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn!). For some reason, some New York City cafe owners don't like me and my ilk paying $US1.75 for eight hours of internet and one medium coffee, and they've started tossing out long-term laptop users. We're not really sure this is a huge trend, but coffeeshops are one of the best places to do your browsing while still feeling like you're "out," and we'd hate to see it become a real problem. Still, best do your coffeeshop internetting while you can. [Where Will The Bloggers Go When The Coffee Shops Kick Them Out? via Wall Street Journal via Crunchgear]

Hey look, it's a DJ mixer for two iPhones! That must be worth a post, right? Well, maybe, if it wasn't an exact copy of an iPod-specific mixer we wrote about literally years ago. It's not like it's a lousy product or anything, but come on, would it really hurt to update the design or something? At least they lowered the price by, like, $US20. [Likecool]

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