Remainders – Things We Didn’t Post

Remainders – Things We Didn’t Post

Nikon’s “mirrorless” camera…8GB iPhone 3GS appears in Canada?…43nm Solid State Drives…The “world’s largest organ” made from stalactites…

The headline seems so sexy and interesting: “Nikon patents mirrorless camera!” But then we realise that DSLRs are the only cameras with mirrors to begin with, so we look at the source more closely. Turns out this story is based on one image from a patent filed in late 2008 for an entirely different idea. Plus, there’s no real evidence that Nikon plans to create a mirrorless camera at all—so we passed. [Nikon Rumors] [imgclear]

unreliable rumors

I would have been impressed with the fact that Toshiba’s new 43nm SSDs are now shipping in 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB capacities except for one thing—Intel beat them to the punch with their fancy new 34nm drives. BAM! Take that, Toshiba! But don’t feel too bad for Toshiba, since they won’t have to recall their SSDs due to some pesky data corruption bug…for now, at least. [Electronista] [imgclear]