Nokla E81 (With An L) Nokia Knockoff Packs Plenty Of Swivel

Nokla E81 (With An <em>L</em>) Nokia Knockoff Packs Plenty Of Swivel

If Nokia had ever followed through on that rumoured swiveling /”E71-type handset” we heard about last April, it would probably have looked a lot like Nokla’s E81 phone here. In fact, Nokla’s betting a few people don’t know the difference.

Strangely, this is the second E81 phone that the knockoff artists at Nokla have put out. The first was a candybar phone that Nokla released to take advantage of the current lack of a legitimate Nokia "E81" phone in that company's ever-expanding product lineup.

The features are actually rather modest, but end up being completely overshadowed by the included mirror that graces the phone's swiveling backside. Shades of the Sony Ericsson "woman's mobile phone" playbook, no doubt. [Justamp via Engadget via BBG]