Razer's Megalodon Headphones Offer 7.1 Sound To Gamers

rzr_megalodon_micdwnYou have to give Razer credit for their headphone naming abilities, if nothing else. Dubbed "Megalodon" their latest offering is apparently the world's first pair of 7.1 gaming headphones.

I don't know about you, but the name brings to mind thoughts of some gigantic prehistoric animal with a deep, booming roar. Which is probably a good thing given that they're meant to offer the ultimate virtual surround sound experience for gamers. The microphone is noise filtered and amplified for your gaming convenience, while Razer claim that the headphones are super-comfortable (something I'm more inclined to withhold judgement on until I've tried them myself).

The Megalodon is available through JB Hifi for $400. I know - that sounds like a lot of money, doesn't it? But think of it this way: it works out at about $44 dollars a letter for that "Megalodon" name, which isn't too bad a rate, really...

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