Razer Naga Gaming Mouse's Dad Apparently Had Sex With A Phone

What do you get when you mate a phone dialpad with a gaming mouse? Razer's Naga MMO mouse, apparently. There's 17 buttons, as in sixteen candles plus one, minus the candles. But surprisingly, that's not the most interesting about Naga.

Not only can you program macros to Naga's 17 buttons however you want, but the mouse works with custom software extensions (called Add Ons) that actually add new interfaces to the game and allow you have to unlimited character profiles:

Otherwise, it uses Razer's now standard laser engine—5600dpi, 1ms response time—and goes for $US80. Oh, and if you're in the market for a $US50 glowing mousepad, they've got you covered there too with the Megasoma. [Razer, Razer]

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