Purported Mac OS X Snow Leopard Retail Packaging Pics Surface

MacRumors has received what appears to be the final retail packaging for Apple's Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The packaging looks to be the Portuguese version, and if real would imply that the OS has officially entered into mass production.

As one might expect, the packaging features a snow leopard, staring out at the user with the same white hot intensity of, say, Steve Jobs in his Apple lair as he examines the latest prototype build of an Apple Tablet that may or may not exist.

There's also the slogan, reading: "The world's most advanced operating system. Perfectly optimised."

You know what else would be perfect? If, in the inevitable "I'm a Mac" ad that comes out to market this OS, Hodgman wrestles a real snow leopard. That scene, sadly, is not represented on the Portuguese Mac OS X Snow Leopard packaging. There's still hope for the U.S. release. [MacRumors]

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