Poll: iPhone 3GS Users More Satisfied Than Pre Users

Don't kill the messenger here, but there was a poll conducted which says that 99 per cent of iPhone 3GS owners are happy with their purchase compared to a smaller (but still really high) 87 per cent of Palm Pre owners.

Moreover, the study said that of the 99 per cent of iPhone users that were happy, 82 per cent of them were very satisfied. For the 87 per cent of content Pre owners, just 45 per cent were very satisfied. Users in both polls enjoyed the touchscreen, lauded user friendliness and bemoaned battery life. But there are caveats.

The survey, conducted by RBC Capital and ChangeWave Research, polled 200 iPhone Users compared to just 40 Pre users. This means a dissatisfied Pre user could have a greater effect on the outcome. Secondly, this is still the highest customer satisfaction survey for Palm, so disgruntled Pretards should turn that frown upside down. [Wired]

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