Plasma HDTV Sales Soar, LCD Sales Steady, Sony Loses

HDGuru has some notes from the now-concluded second quarter HDTV sales, and they show some interesting movement: With dirt-cheap prices, high end plasmas (42-50 inches) surged almost 40%, though LCD sales merely held steady. The big loser? Sony.

Total plasma sales went up 31 per cent compared to the first quarter, mostly due to the high value attached to them in this economic downturn. In terms of LCDs, Vizio continues its hold as the number one maker, and in fact grew their marketshare, as did Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic. Sony, unfortunately, lost more than 3 per cent of its marketshare, though the Japanese giant did retain its third place position. Check out HDGuru for more info and analysis of the numbers. [HDGuru]

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