Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Drops Style, Picks Up Endurance

There are two kinds of Bluetooth users in the world: The inexplicably proud; and the begrudgingly conscripted. With the long-lasting, appealingly minimalist black and silver Discovery 975, Plantronics is wisely aiming for the latter.

The 975 is a replacement for the white, sparkly 925, which was technologically impressive, but might've gone a little far with the "HOT FASHION" shtick. The 925's main features—including noise cancellation, loopless ear fitting and wind protection—are still present in the 975, though the internal hardware has been moved from the mic stem to the main earpiece, giving the 975 its slimmer profile, and the headset's got a newer dual-mic setup—one for voice pickup, and one for noise cancelling.

A Bluetooth headset is a Bluetooth headset, and there aren't a whole lot of ways to improve on the basic concept or performance. The 975, though, trounces the 925 in one of the only ways that really matters: its battery pack/carrying case, which looks the same as before, will now charge the headset twice over, at five hours of talk time per go. If you leave the house with the headset and carrying case juiced, that's a claimed 15 hours of talk time with the standard kit, which'll pretty much get anyone who doesn't run a one-(wo)man adult hotline through even their phoniest workdays.

The Discovery 975 lands today, at a premium-but-not-too-premium pricepoint of $US130, with carrying case. [Plantronics]

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