Philips SBD8100 Has A Twirly Dock For Video Viewing

philips-twirly-dockI have a huge weak spot for gimmicky mechanical parts in my home audio gadgets. I bought a Pioneer stereo when I was 21 based purely on the vertical sliding CD with touch sensitive controls. Which is why I love the Philips SBD8100 iPod dock, which will rotate your iPod or iPhone to landscape mode so you can watch videos properly.

Using the included remote, you can press a button to mechanically turn the dock from portrait to landscape. Even though it's best for the iPod Touch or iPhone, it'll also work with all dockable iPods. Sure, the practicalities of watching a video on your iPod Touch's screen while being blasted by the Philips speakers may not make the most sense, but who cares? The dock turns! Mechanically! Awesome!

It'll launch mid to late October for $250.

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