Panasonic’s New Lumix Range Zooms Into Australia

Panasonic’s New Lumix Range Zooms Into Australia
dmc-fz35-k-imagePanasonic today announced local release details for that trio of compact snappers we saw last month plus they’ve snuck in a new model – the FX65.

All four cameras will launch next month. The FZ35 – their super-zoom model – has an 18x zoom lens equivalent to 27-486mm, plus an ultra fast autofocus and Panasonic’s new Power OIS image stabilisation technology. It’ll sell for $769. The FP8 – their “social” camera – sells for $659 and has all the necessary functions for social occasions like face detect and illuminated LED buttons (plus it comes in pink for the lay-deez). The ZR1 is a bit of a pocket rocket, with an 8x zoom (25-200mm equivalent) and Panasonic’s special new aspherical lens, which measures in at just 0.3mm thick. The ZR1 will cost $549.

The FX65 – which we haven’t seen before on Giz – is a 12.1MP snapper with a 5x optical zoom, Panny’s 0.3mm lens, Power OIS, face recognition, a 1.1 second startup, super-fast autofocus and a High Dynamic Range mode. It’ll cost $659.

Overall, the range looks pretty swish. Panasonic lent us an FP8 to take home to review, so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.