Panasonic On Avatar Promotional Rampage With Huge 3D Plasmas

Panasonic On <em>Avatar</em> Promotional Rampage With Huge 3D Plasmas

James Cameron is clearly laying a lot on the line with ever-more-bizarrely-appealing Avatar. Next up is Panasonic, which is staking its budding 3D brand on the film. Spoiler: The plan involves 103-inch 3D HDTVs, on wheels.

That Avatar‘s going to be shown in 3D has been one of its selling points since the beginning. The thing is, the whole 3D shtick, what with the glasses and specialised display tech, is all but impossible to advertise on traditional mediums. Panasonic Corporation in Japan, which partnered with Twentieth Century Fox for some of the movie’s tech, has a wonderfully over-the-top way of dealing with this: They’re sending trucks all over the US and Europe with freakin’ 103-inch 3D TVs in them, just to make sure that you know that 3D is, in fact, awesome.

There’s going to be a lot—probably too much—hype around this bright blue movie for the next few months, so a lot of you will probably be forcefully tuning it out by the time the December release rolls around. [Panasonic]