Our Favourite Kotaku Posts Of The Week

With my 360 full to the brim, I'm this close to giving in and laying out $US130 for Microsoft's ridiculously priced 120GB hard drive. And in other news, Kotaku wrote about more interesting gaming topics this week:

What Wii MotionPlus Really Does For Red Steel 2 Spoiler: It can't be less than what the Wiimote did for Red Steel 1.

WoW Finally Returns To China, With A Little More Censorship

Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Out Everywhere Batman!

Dust: An Elysian Tail Is XNA's Best Looking Game Hell, it may be XBLA's best-looking game, too.

360 Games On Demand Pricing Isn't Exactly Consistent

Work and Play: A Peek Inside the Lives of Gaming's Insiders

Japanese Porn PS3 Distribution Start!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Micro-Review And my Dreamcast goes obsolete.

StarCraft II Officially Delayed To 2010 Surprise, absolutely no one! And expect Diablo III sometime around 2012.

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