Our Favourite Kotaku Posts Of The Week

Our Favourite Kotaku Posts Of The Week

Two words. One number. Mass Effect 2. There are pictures. Of aliens. And humans. Walking together. Sometimes fighting. Sometimes loving.

New Mass Effect 2 Screenshots, Wallpaper

Korean Girls, Meet Giant Sand PlayStations

Sega Will Celebrate Dreamcast's 10th Anniversary Quietly

SNES Portable Case Mod Does Not Stop At Case Mod

Xbox 360 Games on Demand Region Locked
Games on Demand has a ways to go before it's actually good.

Two Minutes of Risk: Halo Wars Boardplay

Tim Schafer and Cliff Blezinski: A Peek Inside Their Offices
I love you Kotaku, but you're mentioning Time Schafer and Cliffy B in the same sentence? Really?

So, What Was The World's Very First Gamertag?

After Monkey Island, Telltale Looking At...Loom?